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On Tuesday, March 10, the 120th anniversary of the kingdom of Buganda, under kabaka (king) Daudi Chwa, jumped to bed with the British. The signing of the agreement not only took away the rights of the kingdom, but paved the way for the tutelage and plundering of other parts of Uganda. The agreement anchored British rule in Buganda and also gave the Baganda the opportunity to extend their influence to other parts of the country. Territories that were not under the kingdoms were taken over by Buganda`s neocolonial agents such as Semei Kakungulu. Before the Buganda Agreement of 1900, the Kingdom of Buganda was an absolute monarchy ruled by Kabaka. At that time, there were three categories of kabaka, 1.Chiefs who were also called Bakungu or heads of administration, these were appointed by Kabaka, 2. the traditional Bataka leaders plus the Batangole chiefs, who served as representatives of the king, they were responsible for the surveillance of the royal lands, the maintenance of internal security in the kingdom as well as military tasks. The agreement cemented the position of the heads of collaboration – the Katikkiro (Prime Minister), the Chief Justice and the Treasurer who, in addition to the regents, were to receive $300 a year for the children`s king Kabaka Chwa II. Assuming that the territory of the Kingdom of Uganda, which is composed within the limits of the agreement, amounts to 19,600 square miles, it will be divided into the following proportions: (In the name of Kabaka, the leader and the People of Uganda) Witness to the above signatures: F.J. JACKSON, Vice-Consul of Her Majesty.

J. EVATT, Lieutenant-Colonel. JAMES FRANCIS CUNNINGHAM ALFRED R.TUCKER, Bishop of Uganda. HENRY HANLON, Apostolic Vicar of the Upper Nile, E BRESSON (for Bishop Streicher, White Fathers). R. H. WALKER. MATAYO, Mujasi.

LATUSA, Sekibobo. MATAYO, Kaima. YOKANA, Kitunzi. SANTI SEMINDI, Kasuju. ANDEREA, Kimbugwe SEREME, Mujasi, COPRIEN LUWEKULA. NOVA, Jumba, Gabunga. FERINDI, Kyabalongo SAULO, Lumana. YOKANO BUNJO, Katikiro, from Namasole.

YOSEFU, Katambalwa. ZAKAYO, Kivate, HEZIKIYA, Namutwe. ALI, Mwenda, NSELWANO, Muwemba. SEBUTA SEMIONI, Mutengesa. NJOVU YUSUFU Kitambala, its brand X. KATA, Nsege. Daudi Chwa, who was a minor at the signing of the agreement, said that at the age of majority, he said that British control had watered down his authority. My current position is so early that I am no longer the direct leader of my people.