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Overall, the WMATA agreement holds a mandatory annual growth rate of 3 percent, resulting in a cost of $150 million over the next four years, WMATA officials said. “This agreement has advantages and disadvantages for work and management, but overall it treats our employees fairly, pursues good wages and benefits, and signals that they will be rewarded if [our] service is improved,” said Paul Smedberg, President of WMATA. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) yesterday announced a preliminary agreement with the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 689 for a four-year contract. If the terms were ratified by the union and approved by the WMATA board of directors, the new contract would expire after June 30, 2020, WMATA officials said in a joint press release. ATU Local 689 is WMATA`s largest union. The deal would encourage better customer service, allow WMATA to live within the legal 3% subsidy growth limit, and create a way to work in the Cinder Bed Road bus garage on the Silver Line, he said. The benefits would cover both work and management. Economic details will not be published until union members and WMATA boards have the opportunity to review the agreement. After months of negotiations, we have reached a good deal for our employees, which also provides our Board of Directors with an affordable option for bus and rail transportation for the next four years,” said Paul Wiedefeld, WMATA`s Executive Director and General Manager. ATU Local 689 President and business agent Raymond Jackson said the agreement will help protect union jobs from privatization. This agreement would benefit all of our members and strengthen the transit career as a path to the middle class,” Jackson said. “We look forward to providing details to our members as soon as possible.” The new agreement is expected to end a strike in the bus garage in Northern Virginia, the Washington Post reported. The Board of Directors of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has definitively approved a new four-year agreement between the Agency and its main union ATU Local 689, which represents approximately 8,000 employees, including all bus and train operators, station operators and hundreds of other maintenance and support stations.