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It is also possible for a lender to revoke an exclusivity agreement based on the other partner`s non-compliance with the performance targets set. In this case, this special clause is advantageous because it serves as a deterrent to a partner who does not fulfill his part of the agreement, resulting in the loss of the agreement. While your company could sell its products locally or over the Internet, it may want its products to reach a wider market. However, this can take time and costly without the help of a distributor. One of the first clauses of a marketing rights agreement is therefore to specify the parties involved in the contract and their responsibilities. As the company that manufactures the products, your company is considered a manufacturer, and the other party that agrees to sell and sell its products is designated as a wholesaler. More importantly, the EMRA defines each party`s obligations to other parties and determines the share of benefits to which each party is entitled. Agency is in the job of providing advertising agency services for a fee. With exclusivity under the agreement, partners are free to develop the market without worrying about competing resellers pocketing in the market in which they invested to create it.

(ii) The Agency`s Commission for Outdoor Advertising will be the standard rate allowed for advertising agencies if this rate is under [Outdoor Advertising Commission Rate]. The financial impact on distribution and marketing is clearly defined in an agreement. This would involve a breakdown of labour, sales and shipping costs. The seller and wholesaler set an agreed selling price and the seller also determines the percentage granted by the wholesaler in exchange for the promotion of the products. This figure can range from 10 to 80 per cent, depending on factors such as taxes, insurance, shipping costs and other costs that the wholesaler has invested in marketing. An exclusivity agreement generally provides that the wholesaler has limited powers, such as .B use of the logo and product name in marketing, advertising, product branding and other advertising activities. However, the copyright of the product (s) (s) (s) is retained by the manufacturer. The exclusivity agreement contains several clauses that are covered. One of the first is to specify who the parties are and what their responsibilities are. Important collaborators, such as managers and department heads, can be mentioned with the legal counsel involved in the development of the exclusivity agreement.