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You can specify that a single award is only allowed between the purpose of the contract and the counterparty by defining the one partner indicator in the contract object type customizing activity and using numbering ranges. Examples of non-physical contractual objects related to business partners are annual revenues, licences, semesters, curricula. In the app toolbar, select the Contract Account Data button. . A new partnership relationship is established for the purpose of the contract. In this tab, you can enter new partner/contract account data for this relationship. Transactions in contractual accounts Receivables and debts can be allocated through contractual accounts, even in the absence of contractual assets. However, the use of contractual property provides an additional opportunity to distinguish between the different transactions. When using contract assets, the following functions are available: If you wish to use a logic of management of the purpose of the contract other than that assigned to the contractual account, you can use the contractual assets with business partners and contractual accounts to represent the many commercial incidents between public sector organizations (.

B, for example, municipal authorities, universities and tax authorities) and individuals (citizens, students and taxpayers). Basic data for a contract item consists of basic data and data on debtors and credits. It is also possible to use a contractual property in the system without the accounting data of the contract and therefore without reference to the consideration and without referral of contractual account. Models and examples are also supported when creating contractual objects. For more information, see Creating objects with model/example values. If you do not register in the Match or Payment Data tabs throughout the purpose of the contract or if the corresponding indicators are not selected on these pages, the control settings used for the contract account are also used for payment processing. Enter a contract item and select the button with the quick information display. At the bottom of the screen, you will find information about the basic and object management data of the contract. If the contract object is already assigned to a business partner, the partners are displayed in the navigation area of the screen. Enter the name of the contract object in the basic data and choose the accounting data of the contract or the accounting data of the contract with presentation if you want to use a model.

You can use a validity date to display the validity based on time in the subject matter of the contract. If you can`t delete a contract item because reservations have already been made, you can archive the data instead. For more information, please visit Archiver Contract Objects Enter an object type and select the Create button with quick information text.