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F. Student recruitment. The FIT and the Academy are jointly responsible for the recruitment of students, subject to the agreement on the general recruitment and admission policy. Registration by or for students is voluntary and in writing. The selection of students is carried out according to the procedures defined in the Academy`s contract and in accordance with the Code and other applicable laws. E. Unwinding. After the expiry of this agreement after the expiry of the term of the contract and in the absence of renewal or termination of this contract, with or without reason, TRG has the right to recover all usable objects or devices (for example. B copying machines, personal computers) that she made available to the Academy at FIT`s expense and which she did not pay from the Academy. , or (b) the payment of such a property to the Academy`s exclusive choice. If the Academy decides to acquire such a property, the purchase price is the fair value of this property, which is determined on the effective date of the termination.

Building features and transformations are transferred to the property owner. A recital follows that underlies this agreement: the Academy is a public school academy organized according to the code. The Academy has been awarded a contract by the Saginaw Valley State University Board of Trustees (“University Board”) to organize and operate a public school academy with the University Council as an authorizing body. The code allows a public school to enter into contracts with individuals and institutions for the operation and management of the public school. TRG specializes in providing educational institutions to vocational schools, businesses, churches and other organizations with a variety of educational services and products, including management, school curricula, educational programs, teacher training and technology. FIT products and services are tailored to the needs of a diverse student population. The Academy and the FIT have entered into an ongoing educational partnership in which the Academy and the FIT work together to bring excellence and innovation in education policy to Saint Clair County, based on the school`s organization, extensive educational program, institutional principles and FIT management methods. In order to continue the implementation of an innovative educational program at the Academy, the parties intend to define this regime for the management and operation of certain educational and administrative activities or functions of the Academy. Therefore, it is agreed by mutual agreement as follows: C. Teacher. Subject to the guidelines of the contract and the Academy Council, and from time to time after, the TRG recommends to the Academic Council the number of teachers as well as the grades and subjects necessary for the operation of the Academy. Then, the Academy Council determines the number and applicable levels and subjects of the Academy.

The TRG provides the Academy with qualified teachers in the necessary grades and subjects, as required by the Academy`s Board of Directors and the contract. The curriculum taught by these teachers is that prescribed by the Academy and set by the contract. These teachers may, at the discretion of the FIT, work in whole or in part in the Academy, provided that, when teachers work part-time at the Academy, these salaries and teacher benefits are measured in the Academy`s budget. If these teachers are assigned part-time to the Academy, they may also work in other schools managed or managed by FIT.