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requirements. You must meet the requirements of the Alexa device that are in If you wish, you will give us adequate access to the systems, hardware, software and records related to your Alexa gadgets and your use of Alexa Gadgets hardware, so that we can verify your compliance with this agreement. We may limit the use of Alexa Gadgets materials, including limiting use in some devices. Today, Amazon is taking tough action against third-party applications that have accessed customer information via MWS and are violating its policies. Earlier this year, the company began emailing developers to submit information about their applications so they could continue to use Amazon`s MWS. The vendor forums are full of posters that wonder when they will finally have access again. WIRED spoke to three Amazon developers who have received alerts or revoked their access to the API in recent months. One allowed Amazon sellers to create targeted ads on Facebook with customer data for more than a year, contrary to Amazon`s privacy policy. Brands; Advertising. In accordance with our brand, brand and marketing policies, available on our development portal (together the “brand guidelines”), we may provide you with certain brands, logos, badges or commercial submissions to promote your content and devices and your participation in the program.

You must follow the brand guidelines when using these trademarks, logos, badges and commercial representations. Unless you have received our express written permission, you will not otherwise use a trademark, service mark, trade name, trade symbol, domain, commercial representation or any other form of ownership on our part (or any other variant of these), to issue press releases or other advertisements about us, the program or agreement, or to quote us in promotional materials. You will not accept any ownership of us (or a variant of it) or try to register it. We have made a new application testing service available to developers. We have updated the application and service distribution agreement so that the terms and conditions for Live App Testing apply to all application testing services we provide. Please read carefully the full text of the updated agreement. Q: How do I sign up to use MWS for my own Amazon seller account? On the first page of the MWS portal, click the Save for MWS button on the