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If you`ve filed a complaint in court, it makes you more serious. However, you may have “misjudged” your employers` feet, and any remaining goodwill of them may have evaporated. In these circumstances, the calculator therefore specifies only a small increase in their estimated amount of the billing agreement. If you`ve already quit your job, this is a real setback for the likelihood that you`ll get a good transaction contract. Your employers are not encouraged to pay you for departure. If you have a new job, this makes the chance of reaching an agreement even more unlikely, because you can`t even say that you have been/will be affected by a shortfall. A transaction contract is a legally binding document that contains an agreement between you and your employer regarding the conclusion of the employment. These agreements vary depending on the circumstances. In a nut shell, it describes compensation, confidentiality, validity, taxes and your legal rights. When calculating your ex gratia settlement contract, we start with a base amount of 2 months gross salary. Admittedly, it`s a bit in the air, but it seems to be an average starting point in the reality of our experience to be adjusted up or down for other factors, as shown below. If you were offered an invoice because you were sick and unable to work, check to see if you are entitled to permanent health insurance (also known as income insurance or PHI). This type of insurance is sometimes part of the benefit package to which you are entitled.

The purpose of PHI is to provide an income when you cannot work. The conditions of the PHI guidelines vary. Some say you have to be unsuitable to do your job, others say you must be unsuitable for any job. They generally offer income protection between 50% and 75% of your salary (and are intended for situations where a worker probably cannot work long). But the Commission is another thing – we have allocated a larger part of your commission, because normally the commission is contractual. As your employer will probably dispute this figure, we have not disclosed 100% of it to you in the amount of the transaction contract calculated. Get your papers so you can calculate your bill. The above transaction calculator is not legal advice and your numbers depend on your circumstances. I suggest that you get independent legal advice in every situation. There is no liability for this use by computer or by erroneous results.

It`s just to illustrate it. If you are having difficulties at work or if your employer has discussed the possibility of a transaction contract with you, please contact us. One of our labour lawyers will be able to advise you within hours of your call. To speak to a member of our team, call us on 020 7167 4800 or contact us online. Legal representation is perhaps the most important and important factor in negotiating a transaction agreement. Experienced labour law specialists will be able to analyze the strength of your case and, in your circumstances, negotiate the highest possible comparison.