The clever and creative use of lighting is often the unsung hero at many events and functions.

An invaluable contribution is made by skillful lighting to the ultimate success of any occasion. Lighting is often required to change over the course of an event, providing a functional work friendly environment during the day, and then transforming the same space in to a party venue at night with a band, dancing and all the lights that go with an entertainment element.

The work done a wile ago by Avstage, for the ENRC year end event, is a good example of lighting can be a key player of the design, style and overall effect of a function.

The venue, already styled, features brocade walls in silver and large mirrored pillars. Avstage expertly interpreted the event vision of the event managers and stylists.

A white tunnel at the entrance was transformed using purple lighting. The interior was washed with magenta, creating the exact “late night moody atmosphere” that was articulated by the event team. Light was intentionally reflected off the many glass and mirrored surfaces, allowing use of fewer fixtures and substantially reducing costs.

“We demand reliability and flexibility from our suppliers. Avstage deliver consistent excellence from all their levels of staff, respond effectively to any changes in lighting and entertainment, and have never let us down. In fact, Avstage have always OVER provided on the specifications of any event” Glenis Gillespie, Conceptspark.

Leading by example, founder, owner and director Julian Cohen, is the master mind behind Avstage’s excellence in lighting, sound and projection technology that has made his company a leader in the highly competitive and specialized industry. His attention to details is legendary and his philosophy is siple: “I do not believe in limitations or boundaries and I do not accept that there are any problems too hard or too complicated to solve…we get the job done and we do it best.”

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