There is a lot that goes into planning an event whether it’s a kid’s party or a presidential inauguration. A lot of work and time is needed to achieve the objectives of the event. Budgeting, finding sponsors, arranging for catering, advertising, security and finding the appropriate venue. These are some of the consistent tasks involved in event planning.
It goes without saying that every task no matter how small it looks can easily jeopardise the whole event. In this regard, finding a practical floor plan for your event is as important as getting it right in the accounts book.

A well-planned floor plan does not only offer the guests comfort but also caters for their security. It also ensures that the other parties involved can carry out their tasks professionally such as performers and caterers. Of course, there are numerous things that you need to have on your checklist. This depends on the nature of your event. Nevertheless, let’s go back to the basics and see the eight things that you should have on your list for a practical floor plan at any event.

Audio visual events1. Accessibility

When planning an event, ensure that your floorplan allows ease of access to everything your guests and keynote speakers/performers need. Basically, you don’t want your guests to be in an overcrowded environment. An environment where it’s a pain to access the charging ports, washrooms, microphones, product booths and catering area among others. You also do not want your caterers squeezing their way and rubbing against the guests while serving them. In this regard, you should ensure that your floorplan accommodates everybody from the media to the disabled. Always go into the more exquisite details such as the need for dancing space in the case of evening parties.

2. Signage

Your guest’s number one priority is to know where various product booths or events are located in case of a big event with multiple rooms/areas. In this regard, you need to ensure that your floor plan accommodates clear signage on the relevant product booths or conference rooms. Although it’s advisable to send floor plans to your guests in advance, clear signage keeps it neat and avoids confusion.

3. VIP treatmentAudio visual events

In high profile events where you have invited VIP’s and special guests there are a few special requirements. You need to ensure that your floor plan accommodates their movements without compromising their security. You obviously do not want your VIP stranded or ‘exposed’ during the event.

4. Capacity

Depending on the number of guests, you need to ensure that your floor plan accommodates all the guests and everything that comes with them, for example, a friend or a secretary. The idea is to ensure that you do not go against the set local codes in regards to the number of bodies required in a specific location at a time.

5. SecurityAudio visual events

Security for your guests, keynote speakers, VIPs and basically everyone in the event should be a priority when choosing a floorplan. In high-profile events, some VIPs will require special considerations in regards to the seating arrangement, the distance between them and the guests/crowd and other security issues. In this regard, make sure that your floorplan allows for secure movements including ease of access to fire extinguishers and other security measures.

6. Seating arrangement

In many cases, the nature of the event dictates the seating arrangements. In this regard, you need to ensure that your floorplan accommodates the seating arrangement that suits your event without compromising personal space and ease of movement.

7. Disaster management/evacuationAudio visual events

Always ensure that you have a disaster management team in place and your floorplan allows for proper evacuation in case of an emergency. In this regard, you need to look into ease of access to various rooms for firefighters/evacuation teams and emergency exits. You obviously do not want a stampede in case of a disaster.

8.Bad weather/rain plan

Your floorplan should readily accommodate a bad weather/rain plan so that it doesn’t end prematurely in case of bad weather. You should also ensure that you can communicate effectively to everyone in the event in case there is a need to implement the rain plan.

When throwing an event you can’t always think of everything at once. These 8 things may seem simple enough to consider but it’s easier said then done. You might need a little extra help with the perfect floorplan. All you’ll need to think about who needs to be there, who needs to sit where and who should be tables apart for the affair. Maybe the ninth point to consider would be to outsource this task to the pro’s.

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