So you receive this fancy looking invite and as you open it, it reads (in calligraphy of course) “You have been invited to a gala dinner”. You feel quite regal and important because you have made the cut to the Gala dinner. But, to be frank, you have no idea what on earth a gala dinner is. You hear it on television and it always seems to be an event that portrays sophistication and class, but what does it actually entail?


Every successful and established company always seems to be holding these gala dinners and they create a lot of buzz around the event. A Gala is basically a big party and according to the ever-so-wise google, guests need to be dressed to impress. A gala provides entertainment, food, and sometimes even auctions.


A gala is usually held to reward, celebrate or engage an audience with a specific brand or service. The event usually has its guests seated at a beautifully decorated table and treats them to a three course meal. Throughout the night the guests will be entertained by presenters, dancers or singers. Companies hold Gala’s to:

  • Show appreciation to their investors and clients for their support over the years
  • Hand out awards and recognise achievement.


Why spend budget on a gala dinner?

As one would expect, Gala dinners need a good amount of dough to successfully rise to the occasion. So, why should companies spend a portion of their revenue to throw a Gala dinner?

The answer is quite simple – to keep your clients, investors and most importantly your  employees invested in the company by showing them that they are valued and appreciated.


With online technology making the world bigger, we are finding that real, organic relationships are dwindling. A gala dinner provides a space where companies can rekindle their relationships with their clients, investors and staff members in a social environment instead of via email, phone or social media networks. These stakeholders then also have the ability to network.


Annual gala dinners

Holding a gala dinner annually secures continuous investment, making the clients and company happy! An annual event like this also allows companies to launch new products and share news about exciting future developments and projects. By doing this, companies provide shareholders and employees with the security they are looking for and excites them for the future with the company.


Considering a gala dinner?

If you own a company, and you are thinking of jumping on the gala wagon, there are a few things to know:


  • Guest lists are of great importance. Invite important stakeholders. These include all your clients/investors and even potential clients/investors.
  • The master of the ceremony needs to literally be a master of ceremonies. Hire someone who can entertain and manage a large group of people – or even recruit a charismatic staff member. It would be an honour for them.
  • Entertainment is key. Book entertainers a few months in advance so that the buzz starts developing early.
  • Equipment needs to be of the highest quality. Hire a company that provides high quality sound equipment, music, stages and lights. There is no room for technical difficulties on the night and therefore companies need to hire reliable sound and lighting companies.
  • Keep speeches, short, insightful and sweet.
  • Have a floor plan that makes logical sense.
  • Feed well and feed plenty!


Whether you are attending a gala dinner or hosting it, get ready for an evening filled with fancy attire, great food and drink, organic bonding and happy clients. Step away from the computer, put the cell phone down, dust that old ball gown off, squeeze into your old suit: it will be a night of building and securing important relationships with a touch of glitz, glam and with Avstage – exceptional and innovative technical displays.


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