Have ever watched a badly lit scene in a movie, where you couldn’t see a thing? You probably missed out an important part of the plot. As a result, you consider the whole film a flop. All because of one small thing people overlook – good lighting. The abundance of light (or lack thereof) is the important difference between success and failure.

This is especially true when it comes to event planning. All other features of your event will be left in the dark (quite literally) without it. You’ll want the lighting during the first dance of a wedding to be bright enough to see the beautiful couple, but not too bright that you can see their two left feet. Your gala dinner lighting should make every guest feel like they are at the Academy Awards. With all this pressure to make your event shine, consider these different lighting options.


Whether it is stolen, shared or cast upon you, the spotlight is the most well-known form of event lighting. However, a blinding single beam on a solo performer is not the only kind there is. You get different kinds of spotlights to perform specific functions. For example:

  • Follow spotlights are used to light the way for moving objects on stage – this is also great for those Ta-da moments during product reveals.
  • Beam projectors don’t have a lens, which produces very powerful and direct light. You can see this light from far away as it attracts a lot of attention
  • Ellipsoidal lights are round beams that can be adjusted and changed to suit your event needs
  • A pin spot is a beam that is focused on key items, like centrepieces or banners.

While these are just a few examples, spotlight technology is so far advanced that you can create just about any effect at your event. These used in conjunction with other lights creates a full effect, like the use of spotlights in conjunction with their lesser-known cousins, uplights.


An uplight is just as it sounds; a light placed on the ground that shines upwards. Similar to a spotlight, uplights can either highlight a certain display or simply create an atmosphere. These LED lights are extremely energy efficient, so work perfectly in a busy venue. They can even provide colour combinations that make your event come to life. Colourful uplighting can transform your event venue to suit a corporate identity. It’s like your companies own special touch for every event. If you wanted more even more company branding, take a look at the special effects you can get with the use of gobo lighting.


Want to see your brands name in lights? A gobo is the way to go. They can add a bright and crisp light to project a logo and make a visual impact. Or, for a more subtly themed event, gobos can provide textures and patterns to match and enhance your decor.

Wash Lighting


How do you illuminate an entire venue with a subtle glow? With the use of wash lights. This can be coloured or themed for the desired effect. Wash lighting gives you the power to set the tone of the event, so getting this right is important. Wash lighting brightness should be adjusted according to the event. For example, functions where people need to take notes or read should be considerably brighter than a social get-together. Wash lighting can even be changed throughout the night by a lighting engineer who can program different effects.

A Light Show

For a full spectacle of lights and colours, designed for awe and attention, make use of a light show production. These are often used before the start of a production to build the excitement for the main event. The perfect addition to an awards ceremony or gala dinner.

These lights – or even better – a combination of these lights will provide your event with the right look and feel. To find out more about how lighting can help you, contact Avstage.

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