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“I`m still not a gentleman as usual? Here, the woman has clearly spoken with her own mouth lips, when I am the only man who can understand it outside of dalem, and all his male friends can never do it like me. But why does he want to be friends aja, don`t you want to be ama me? I read an article in Newsweek about a lot of people who admired Bill Clinton`s humility, who always wanted to pour a drink of tea to every guest who visited them, when he could have told an assistant that he should do it. That`s why I, Kei and Jet, have a lot dissected and created new terminology so you can learn how to do in-depth research on where the errors are. With the theme of this article, we invite you to abandon the term gentleman, which is too old and complex, and adopt a new paradigm: Glossy. Gentleman`s Agreement consists of two words, namely gentleman`s and gentlemen`s agreement, an English word that literally means: alliance between men. Women always say that because of their charming, attentive, sensitive, romantic attitude, they aspire to a gentleman, do not impose will, are patient, willing to sacrifice, to be able to protect and meet the needs of a partner. The word gentleman has the root of the French word Gentilhomme, which means Nobleman or a man of great value, character and status. In the Webster dictionary, gentleman is described as follows: (a) a man of refinement, (b) a man whose behavior corresponds to a high standard, (c) a man who associates a gentle rank with chivalrous qualities. Here is a translation of the meaning of the gentleman`s Agreement in Indonesian in the English-Indonesian dictionary “I always feel flattered and respects the same gentle men who still treat women in certain ways. He will be a gentleman to all women. I myself do not know why I have more and more esteem towards gentle men. For me, personally, in this period of activity when people have started not to take care of the affairs of others, I will consider such a gentle treatment as a cute and sweet little thing. When a majesty man has water in a woman`s glass, the woman says, “He is a gentleman. When an ugly man puts water in a woman`s glass, a woman says, “Maïd`s instinct is all.” According to wikipedia, it can be interpreted as: Informal and legally non-binding agreement between two or more parties.

In general, it is an unwritten agreement, but there is also a written agreement. If you are interested in learn more about this gentleman, please read my review on the blog, Does Gentleman Mean To Bring His Beloved Bag. If they advise you to be a gentleman when they approach a woman, what do they mean with actions that test the woman`s worth to know if she is sufficiently compatible with your noble self-standards? I can only do this gradually, first of all by making it clear that the Lord is not a combination of the words “sweet” and “man,” which can be interpreted as “good man,” “gentle man,” “caring man” or whatever.