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The hotel is entitled to take an exceptional termination of the contract for objective reasons, for example. B in the following cases: If the payment of an advance agreed in accordance with points 3.6 and/or 3.7 or a security service are not due to the contract, even after the expiry of a reasonable extension set by the hotel. The contractors are the GT3 hotel and the guest. An agreement is reached by the hotel`s acceptance of the customer`s booking request. The hotel can confirm in writing a room reservation on request. -the hotel has legitimate reasons to believe that the use of hotel services by the guest may endanger the proper functioning, security, security or public reputation of the hotel, but that this is not due to the power and organization of the hotel These general conditions govern hotel room rental contracts for accommodation purposes as well as all other goods and services that the hotel provides to the guest (hotel contract). Accommodation contract, hospitality contract, hotel contract and hotel room contract. The GT3 Hotel, based in Honerath and a subsidiary of Barweiler, has the right to provide its services by third parties. The justified termination of the hotel does not constitute a customer`s claim for compensation. The client is not allowed to provide specific premises unless other agreements have been reached. 1. This document (“CGV”) describes the terms of hosting and related agreements (together “hosting contracts”) between Prince Hotels, Inc.

(“Hotel”) and its customers (“customers”). All articles that are not stipulated in these Terms and Conditions are determined in accordance with the laws of Japan or generally established practices. The hotel is required to book rooms previously booked by the guest and provide the agreed services. 3.8: In addition, the hotel is entitled to require, at the beginning and during the Client`s stay, a reasonable down payment or deposit within the meaning of point 3.6 above for the existing and future claims of the contract, as long as they have not already been paid in accordance with the “No” above.