Being accidentally on mute….or, worse, being accidentally NOT on mute. Forgetting to turn your camera off. Unknowingly presenting as a cat in a formal meeting because your daughter had access to your computer over the weekend…
Over the past two years, most of us had a crash course in conducting business online – with predictable results. But while the odd “Zoom-fail” is easy to overlook in a quick catch-up morning meeting, you need more reliable, predictable, and professional results for corporate events, conferences, or presentations to Boards of Directors.

Hosting a slick, well-executed, and professional hybrid event requires a greater level of technical expertise and attention to detail than a live, in-person one.  During an in-person event, your technical supplier has full control over redundancy on all systems. As soon as you diversify your event with external presenters or virtual attendees, control over internet stability, power supply, audio and video signals are decentralized. You need a highly skilled technical supplier to overcome these challenges to ensure a seamless, integrated experience.

While we have come to realize the value of face-to-face interaction in the post-pandemic economy, there will be times when going digital is a necessary part of your event.

Turning a multi-day event – complete with breakaways, educational sessions, and networking opportunities – into a virtual one that keeps attendees fully engaged takes the kind of technical expertise, innovation, and industry experience that can only be gathered through years in the business.

While it may feel like the world only discovered virtual conferences in 2020, they are not simply a reaction to the pandemic, nor are they limited to “popping in” on Zoom. We’ve been staging virtual events for years, and in many instances, our clients have found they provide a deeper, more interactive experience for their attendees.

Avstage has served the corporate sector for over 30 years as a technical supplier of choice. We specialize in scalable solutions for events ranging from intimate board meetings to large-scale roadshows and multi-level conferences. Our team deploys professional audio, broadcast-standard lighting, creative concepts, display technology, set and stage design, and much more for companies such as Anglo American, Bastion Group, Bosch, MultiChoice, Isuzu, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. While we enjoy servicing some of the largest corporate companies in the country, our team has also provided boutique solutions for schools, NGOs, and private events.  We’d love to do the same for you.

About Julian Cohen

Julian Cohen was raised in Johannesburg, South Africa during the tumultuous 1960s and 70s. During his school years, Julian discovered his passion for engineering and technology, and established himself as an industrious and innovative student at King David High School, taking a lead as a student volunteer in the audiovisual department. On leaving school, Julian attended WITS Technicon and attained his diploma in Electrical Engineering (L/C) in 1981.

As a young technician in the early 1980s, Julian developed a passion for the burgeoning computing and audiovisual markets. At the time, several companies were importing and supplying corporate South Africa with audiovisual equipment. However, they lacked the capacity to deploy fully integrated solutions to end users. As a natural innovator, Julian quickly recognized the need for professional AV integration expertise in the country and stepped up to fill the gap. In 1983 he established Digital Designs, one of the first AV integration solutions providers in South Africa and quickly became the service provider of choice for corporate South Africa.

The company quickly grew and diversified its product offerings to cater not only to the installations market but also for corporate events. In 1989, Avstage was born, with Julian and his growing team providing audio, lighting, creative concepts, display technology, and set and stage design, among other services for corporate events held by some of South Africa’s largest corporates. In addition to his professional achievements, Julian has fostered a life-long passion for aviation. He obtained his helicopter and plane license in the early 90s and continues to fly to this day. ­