Our SERVICES & What we do?


Floor Plans

We have a database of  floor plans for  most conference venues in South Africa and if we don’t, our design team will create one. Our team consists of  production and stage designers who professionally design sets and stages for each event.

We have worked in venues with the most stringent Health and Safety requirements and take every measure to comply with all regulations.

Floor Plans
Seating & Table Layouts


Seating & Table layouts

From cinema-style seating to ten seater banquet tables, we help our clients optimise seating layouts. We ensure the best possible sight-lines for audio visual presentations.



Our sound engineers design every single show around the requirements of that specific event. We supply lapel, hand held, Madonna and headset microphones. We ensure that each guest hears high quality sound no matter where they are seated in the venue.




Decadent lighting sets that  changes the mood of any event. Our highly talented lighting designers create magic around creative sets, lighting public speakers at a podium, rock stars on stage, cars in a special reveal or any object, person or building that needs lit in a special and creative way.


Creative concepts

Avstage has a creative hub that will help you design every  element needed to showcase your brand and make your event truly memorable. Our design team has creates, 3D renders, audio visual presentations,  stage designs,  reveals and entertainment for our clients.

Creative Concepts
Display Technology


Display technology

We provide the latest state of the art projectors, vision mixers, LED Screens, LCD Screens,  cameras, video walls, monitors,  AV engineers, or anything needed to
 satisfy the most demanding presentation requirements.


Set and stage

Staging and sets are designed to accommodate each client’s specific needs for each production. Our designers will conceptualize and produce a design solution for each new show, launch or conference. This includes stage pieces, steps, backdrops, custom designed sets and anything needed to stage your event beautifully.

Set and Stage
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