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The team here at Avstage do believe greatly in giving back, and as a team we have partnered with The Way -International Center of Hope which is a registered Non Profit Organisation, located in Newclare in the West of Joburg to make a change in a few lives when we can.

The center currently focuses on a feeding scheme as well as providing counselling and fellowship to people in the area who have various addiction issues.

The Feeding Scheme at the center currently feeds breakfast to approximately 200 kids from Monday to Friday between 06h00 and 07h30. Most of the childeren are from the immediate and surrounding areas which is predominantly an impoverished community.

This meals serves as a starter meal for the day as most kids are extremely hungry and in some cases have not even had a meal the night before, and it is the only full meal that they receive.

The Counselling and Fellowship center offers another unique service which is to offer council and fellowship to addicts from the surrounding areas.

The head of the church, Pastor Henschel Adams, spends much of his time assisting people with issues pertaining to personal developments, addictions, counselling, prayer assistance etc.

These people are trying everything that they can to make a positive difference through their actions. Their goal is to make our community a better place for people dealing with various issues.

As a company Avstage made a decision to contribute to this center on a monthly basis as a part of our CI initiative, and we felt that a monthly contribution would in some way impact the lives of the children in this community.

Attached are some pictures we took when we delivered the food items. If you are able to also get involved with donations, please contact the center directly:

Centre of Hope – 39 Wanderes Avenue, Newclare, Johannesburg

Contact: Mr Lenny Reddy

Telephone: 062 7943030

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